Call of Duty: Ghosts

După cum era și normal, un magazin de specialitate ne confirmă că noul joc din saga Call of Duty poartă numele de Ghosts. De altfel, acesta este atât de drăguț încât ne oferă chiar și coperta oficială a spin-off-ului pregătit de Activision și studiourile Infinity Ward pentru mirifca serie Modern Warfare.

Pentru moment doar atât (adică ce e postat mai jos), însă ne este promis că pe 1 mai vom avea parte de noi detalii …

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision toyed with Call of Duty: Phantoms, but settled on Ghosts.
  • Steering away from “Modern Warfare” to start its own thing, though is still kinda Modern Warfare 4.
  • Set in the future, kind of like Black Ops, but with current generation weaponry. Some plot event forces people of that time period to use our generation weapons.
  • Dynamic loading screens, as in the traditional loading countdown is replaced with some kind of animated sequence (rappel in from chopper, sneak in, etc).
  • Movement changes. Dash->slide+shooting. Corner peeking. Prone left/right roll.
  • Spec Ops gone, replaced with new mode.
  • Team aiming for more destructive environments. Working in single player, but team is having some issues with implementing it in multiplayer.
  • Launching only on next generation consoles: NextBox, PlayStation 4, and PC. [Note: See next two quotes, this was from a different source as the rest of the information.]
  • Reveal sometime around the start of May.

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